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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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A.  Goals and Objectives (Continued)

o Management: To improve the management of the service delivery system
by 1) d1stributing information about effective evaluation and other
management techniques; 2) enforcing Federal program regulations; and
3) providing technical assistance and management training to the
personnel of organizations receiving program funds.

o Special Education—Rehabilitation Coordination: To improve services to
disabled individuals from childhood through adulthood by: 1) identify-
ing exemplary joint special education and rehabilitation programs; and
2) accelerating the transition of deaf-blind persons from special
education to rehabilitation programs.

0  Facilities: To increase rehabilitation facility use by developing and
reviewing State facility plans and authorities, and by developing regu-
lations and budget materials to implement legislation and maintaining
liaison with various representatives of national organizations con-
cerned with issues in use of facilities.

B.  Progress and Accomplishments

0 Employment: The Department has assisted State agencies to increase
employment opportunities for the disabled in the private sector, includ-
ing: 1) assisting in the development of several home-based employment
programs; 2) improving State agency job placement units; and 3) provid-
ing information to businesses on the "Targeted Jobs Tax Credit.11

0  Management: The Department has completed a nationwide assessment of
evaluation procedures and review instruments and will publish the report
in January 1985. The Department also completed all scheduled technical
assistance and training to individuals in grantee organizations*

o Special Education—Rehabilitation Coordination: The Department finished
pi ans for i dent i f y i ng and encou ragi ng repl'i cati on of exemplary, joint
special education and rehabilitation programs. Because of improved
coordination, deaf-blind persons are moving more rapidly from special
education to rehabilitation programs, according to a phone survey of
States made by the Department's regional offices.

0  Facilities: All State agencies have developed and updated State reha-
bilitation facilities plans. Regional offices have completed reviews
of all State facility authorities.  Various intergovernmental task
force meetings have met to discuss facility plans.

C.  Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness

The distribution of the major disabling conditions of persons rehabilitated
in Fiscal Year 1982, the last year for which these and other client charac-
teristics data have been tabulated, is as follows:on services, promote innovations in service programs based on    R&D